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Julie Jordan LAc

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Julie Jordan is a board-certified acupuncturist and Applied Clinical Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience. She offers her clients support through her expertise in acupuncture, kiko style acupuncture, functional nutrition, herbalism, and muscle testing to understand the root causes of her patient's  complaints. 

Julie Jordan offers


Jade Serenity Method

Experience the ultimate balance and revitalization with our Jade Serenity Method. This exclusive package combines the ancient art of acupuncture, the transformative power of energy healing, and the gentle touch of palpation style acupuncture. Our skilled practitioner will guide the flow of Qi through precise needle placement, clearing energetic blockages and promoting relaxation for your entire system. With the soothing benefits of palpation acupuncture, even the most sensitive individuals can find comfort and healing. Unlock your body's natural potential, restore harmony, and radiate vibrant well-being with our Jade Serenity Method. 

Initial treatment 90 min

Follow up 60

Package of 4




Cupping is an ancient healing therapy that is part of Traditional Chinese medicine. Glass cups are placed on the back and fire is used to create suction. Cupping relaxes tight or sore muscles and stimulates the bodies natural healing process.

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Functional Integration Method

Unlock your body's full potential with our Functional Integration Method. This all-inclusive package combines the power of acupuncture, functional nutrition, lab analysis, and muscle testing to provide a comprehensive approach to your well-being. Julie will tailor a customized treatment plan to address your unique imbalances, using acupuncture to stimulate Qi flow and muscle testing to identify areas of concern. Through the lens of functional nutrition, she will examine the interconnected systems of your body and provide a roadmap to restore optimum health. Experience renewed vitality and wellness with our Functional Integration Method. 

Initial treatment 90 min 


Follow up 60 min


Package of 4 




Moxibustion or Moxa is a form of heat therapy that entails the burning of dried mugwort leaves. Typically pressed into a cylindrical shape Moxa is safely placed on the surface of the skin.


Ear Seeds

Ear seeds are placed on the ears and serve as tiny acupressure devices. They're a type of auriculotherapy, a traditional Chinese medicine technique that focuses on areas in your ear. They can treat anxiety, insomnia, cravings & promote relaxation. 

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