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Have you been dealing with:

 Weight gain


Brain fog

Poor sleep, insomnia


Gut issues

Skin issues 


You're not alone! This could be because of the overburdening of your liver and detox systems.


Our bodies were not designed to take on the daily exposure to toxins in our food and the environment.


When our bodies are overburdened, symptoms can manifest in all kinds of ways from gut, weight, skin, sleep and brain fog!


By cleansing regularly, we can support and assist our body's amazing ability to get rid of these toxins.

Aren't you ready to feel good again! 


The 10-Day Cleanse is a jump start program. Helping you get back on track to a healthier life!


The 21-Day Purification program creates healthy habits &  optimizes weight loss so you can feel great and look your best!

Benefits of Cleansing 

  • removes toxins from your body 

  • weight loss

  • increased energy 

  • increased mental clarity  

  • boosts immunity 

  • prevents disease 



Young Dietitian

This is not a juice cleanse.

This is a structured program designed to support your body’s natural detox processes by:


  • Eating whole foods


  • Nutritious shakes 


  • Whole-food supplements from Standard Process


  • A menu to make your cleanse clear & easy




Get all your questions answered & pick the best cleanse option for your goals. 

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Meet your practitioner

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Julie Jordan, LAc, ACN


“Throughout my 20 years of practice, nothing has created such dramatic and life altering changes in my patients as Purification. 

Also, now that I’m in my 50’s, Purification is my number one tool for weight management and anti aging. “