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Acupuncture treatments involve the insertion of very thin needles at specific points on the meridians (channels of energy, called qi, that connect to the organs of the body) to induce relaxation, healing, and balance. 


Acupuncture is a part of a system of Chinese Medicine, an ancient wisdom that focuses on restoring harmony to the mindbody conitum. Acupuncturists are taught to uncover the multifaceted causes of a patient's complaints. In Chinese Medicine imbalance/disease can be influenced by physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors. A skilled acupuncturist will utilize tongue and pulse diagnosis, auricular (ear) acupuncture, herbalism, nutrition, cupping & moxibustion. 

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Acupuncture is good for...

Physical Pain

  • Neck and back pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Sciatica

  • TMJ

Immune & Respiratory

  • Preventing and treating cold, flu and viruses

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • Nasal congestion/ sinus or ear infections

  • Autoimmune conditions

Mood Imbalances

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Depression


  • Stress

Woman's Health

  • Pregnancy

  • PMS and PMDD

  • Menstrual disorders

  • Menopause

  • Infertility

  • PCOS

Digestive Imbalances

  • Constipation/diarrhea

  • Heartburn

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Candida

  • SIBO

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Much of our suffering is created by imbalances in the mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. We tune into our patients’ energetic field and clear and correct imbalances to assist in healing the mind, body, and soul.

We listen deeply and strive to create partnerships with our patients on their healing journey, to regain vitality, joy, and radiant health.



Glass cups are applied to the skin through suction and slide up and down the back and then remain at specific points. Cupping helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and wellbeing.


Cupping is an ancient healing therapy that is apart of the system of Traditional Chinese medicine. The suction force expands and breaks open tiny blood vessels (capillaries) under the skin. Your body treats the cupping area like an injury. It sends more blood to the area to stimulate the bodies natural healing process. 


  • mobility
  • headaches
  • relaxes tight muscles 
  • relieves pain
  • improves circulation
  • improves mature scars
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Functional nutrition looks at the body as a whole organism of interconnected systems.  Each system that is imbalanced must be identified and supported inorder to restore optimum health. 


The body recognizes food better than synthetic vitamins, at Jade Temple Healing we use Standard Process, a professional line of food-based nutritional supplements to miraculously unlock our patients’ natural healing abilities. Standard Process grows its nutrient-dense food on their organic and regenerative farm in Wisconsin, creating a unique and powerful line of food-based supplements intended to nourish and naturally heal the body.


  • get essential nutrients daily
  • strengthen gut health
  • boost immunity 
  • rebalance hormones
  • heal chronic pain & illness


Muscle testing is a form of communication with the body, utilizing the patients’ electromagnetic field & Autonomic Nervous system to find both the cause and cure of all conditions in the body.


Using your muscles, we can discover what  “weakens” or “strengthens” your body. This process is called applied kinesiology or more commonly referred to as “muscle testing.” Muscle testing taps into the subconscious mind which allows us to answer questions about our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's a noninvasive method designed to determine the potential underlying causes of physical and emotional issues.


  • locates system & organ  weakness
  • heal chronic pain & illness
  • discover environmental stressors
  • determine food sensitivities/allergies
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Moxibustion or Moxa is a form of heat therapy that entails the burning of dried mugwort leaves. Typically pressed into a cylindrical shape Moxa is safely placed on the surface of the skin.


Moxa will be used on specific patients during acupuncture sessions . 



  • strengthen the body's blood 
  • stimulate the flow of Qi
  • helps chronic low back pain
  • digestive problems
  • menstral disorders
  • PMS
  • cramping 


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